Fairmount, Philadelphia

Fairmount Philadelphia in Pennsylvania is located in the north central area of Philadelphia, the perfect distance from the city to draw young couples and families, and is set among beautiful trees and nature. The 9,200 acres of parks draws in nature lovers who want to get away from the city but still remain close to the downtown scene and delicious restaurants.

The Fairmount Art Center provides creative classes to adults and children. Take up sculpting or watercolors, or even jewelry making. Fairmount Philadelphia is a great neighborhood for people who are looking to explore their creativity.

Fairmount Philadelphia

Fairmount Philadelphia

Activities in Fairmount Philadelphia

Fairmount Philadelphia hosts many activities, such as 5k races, to guided hikes and runs, as well as outdoor concerts. The city draws a wide variety of people, from nature lovers to families. Fairmount Philadelphia sits off of the Schuylkill River, so you can grab a kayak or canoe and make a trip down the river.

The Philadelphia International Caribbean Cultural Foundation hosts a carnival in the park over Father’s Day to celebrate the Caribbean heritage. This cultural event features bright colored costumes and dances and music.

Fairmount Philadelphia is a perfect location for anybody who is looking to be close to the city center, yet feel secluded in nature and rich in history. The city’s friendly atmosphere welcomes you into its activities, events, and rich heritage.

Fairmount’s Art Museum Area

Frequently referred to as the “Art Museum Area,” Fairmount Philadelphia is the home of world-renown museums including the Philadelphia Museum of Art, Franklin Institute, The Barnes Foundation and Rodin Museum. The Fairmount neighborhood of Philadelphia has distinct personality with lots of culture.

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Fairmount Philadelphia

Fairmount Philadelphia Living

Fairmount Living

You can expect to find apartments, homes, condos and even mansions for sale in Fairmount Philadelphia. Many of the homes are red brick faced buildings with historic charm, but you can find some modern homes in some neighborhoods.

The historic style homes are the iconic Fairmont Philadelphia houses that you’ve seen in history books. The city offers homes from any budget, so people from all over stake their claim in Fairmount Philadelphia.

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Fairmount Park

Fairmount Philadelphia has historic streets and oak lined passageways that are a great backdrop to the delicious restaurants and shopping here. It’s also home to the famously haunted Eastern State Penitentiary. Fairmount Park is one of the area’s most beautiful attractions, with tree covered pathways for biking or walking.

Fairmont Park is a host to many events, like outdoor concerts and games to a home to giant mansions with beautiful, tree lined streets. You can fish in the lake or take in an afternoon in one of their gazebos. Large, bronze statues scatter the city and add to the historic atmosphere of the city.

Fairmount Philadelphia is home to a wildlife refuge center and three environmental centers, so they’re conscious about the environment and our wildlife. You can find outdoor concerts and picnickers throughout the parks, and Fairmount Philadelphia is a great place for children with its many playgrounds.

Fairmount Park Philadelphia

Fairmount Philadelphia is subject to New England weather, so you can find it to be rainy in the spring and fall, and very cold in the winter. Expect a beautiful autumn in Fairmount Philadelphia — the trees turn beautiful shades or red, yellow, and orange, so it’s no wonder people flock to Fairmount in the fall. Fairmount Philadelphia is often hit with heavy snowfall during the winter, so expect the beautiful sparkle of a white Christmas and a beautiful winter.